Bedroom Inspiration

Get inspired by bedroom ideas with the Phase 2 Living bedding blog. We love seeing how beautiful and glamorous quilt cover sets, bed sheets and accessories can be. You'll find everything you need to know about your next bed linen and doona cover purchase.

Your bed covers look amazing, but there is that empty bit of space right above your bed – looking a tad too plain and boring for your liking. Phase 2 Living have some great suggestions for above the bed decor. Read more
So we’ve already spoken about styling a small bedroom and how to make it cosier rather than cramped – but you’re someone who actually has a gloriously large bedroom. Purchasing bedding online can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to fill up the blank space in your bedroom. Read more
There has been a lot of hype in recent times about adopting a minimalistic bedroom design. Now, we’re not talking about becoming a pure minimalist yourself, but we must admit the minimalistic design presents its own beauty in itself. It is one we may want to incorporate into our bedroom design and décor to declutter and free our minds by modifying our surroundings. Read more