Bedding & Homewares Online: Decorating Above The Bed

Posted By: Connie on 25 Feb 2018
Your bed covers look amazing, but there is that empty bit of space right above your bed – looking a tad too plain and boring for your liking. Phase 2 Living have some great suggestions for above the bed decor. Read more

How To Buy Bedding Online For A Large Room

Posted By: Connie on 27 Mar 2017
So we’ve already spoken about styling a small bedroom and how to make it cosier rather than cramped – but you’re someone who actually has a gloriously large bedroom. Purchasing bedding online can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to fill up the blank space in your bedroom. Read more

Designing A Minimalist Bedroom

Posted By: Kathryna on 23 Mar 2017
There has been a lot of hype in recent times about adopting a minimalistic bedroom design. Now, we’re not talking about becoming a pure minimalist yourself, but we must admit the minimalistic design presents its own beauty in itself. It is one we may want to incorporate into our bedroom design and décor to declutter and free our minds by modifying our surroundings. Read more

Things To Keep In Mind: Mattress Cleaning

Posted By: Connie on 16 Mar 2017
So you change your bed sheet sets and pillow case on a regular basis and think you’re done with your bed cleaning duties for the day, but there’s one other important part of your bed you just might be forgetting. Many of us do not tend to think about the actual cleaning of our mattress – which should really be an essential item on everyone’s house chore checklist. Read more

It's Autumn: Doona Covers And Bedroom Colours

Posted By: Connie on 9 Mar 2017
Summer is over and now we are settling into autumn – you know what that means? It’s time to position ourselves away from the vibrant and vivid, and draw ourselves towards the snug and peaceful. Read more

Doona Covers To Suit Every Mood

Posted By: Charlotte on 6 Mar 2017
Colour is no longer taboo in the world of bedroom styling. While there is something to suit anybody’s tastes and moods, the prospect of choosing one can seem overwhelming. Which colour is best for the particular look that you are trying to achieve with your bedroom décor? Read more

How To Buy Bedding Online For A Small Room

Posted By: Charlotte on 2 Mar 2017

These days it’s increasingly common to deal with much smaller bedrooms, given the rocketing house prices in Melbourne and Sydney. Thankfully, there are still many ways to take full advantage of the space, and to furnish it with colours and accessories to make it cosier rather than cramped. 

Read more

Which Pillow Is Right For You?

Posted By: Connie on 27 Feb 2017
Have you ever woken up with a sore neck and thought, is it because of my pillow? There are different types of sleepers – those who prefer to sleep on their side, back, stomach or those who do a combination of these. So is there a specific type of pillow for each kind of sleeper? Read more

How To Accessorise With Your New Doona Cover

Posted By: Charlotte on 22 Feb 2017
sometimes the perfect bedroom décor all comes down to the final styling aspects. Once you’ve chosen your perfect bed and doona cover, you need to find the best home wares to match it perfectly and to make the space as cosy as possible. Read more

How To Choose Furniture To Go With Your Doona Cover

Posted By: Charlotte on 20 Feb 2017
Although we do love everything to do with beds at Phase 2 Living, we do understand that every stylish bedroom needs at least a little bit of supporting furniture.  Read on to find our guide to finding the best furniture to go with your bed cover set. Read more

Organisation Tips For Your Bedroom

Posted By: Charlotte on 15 Feb 2017
Organisation is somewhat of a premium today, especially in bedrooms when clutter can impact not only the look of a room but also how productive you can be and how well you can sleep. Thankfully, there are some handy organisation tips out there. Read more

Bed Covers And Scandi Design

Posted By: Charlotte on 24 Jan 2017
Aside from the difficult pronunciation, Scandi-style is one of the easiest looks to go for when decorating a bedroom. But what exactly does it involve? Read more
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