Bedding & Homewares Online: Decorating Above The Bed

Bedding & Homewares Online: Decorating Above The Bed product photo
Posted By: Connie on 25 Feb 2018

You have your doona covers all set. Your bed covers look amazing, but there is that empty bit of space right above your bed – looking a tad too plain and boring for your liking. There are many options when trying to decide on a marvellous piece of work to hang above your bed. When looking at doona covers and bedding online, Phase 2 Living have some great suggestions for above the bed decor.

If you’re thinking whether you should or shouldn’t put anything above your bed, here are some deciding factors on why you definitely should:

-          You have a tall ceiling and therefore have heaps of empty space. If you have a low ceiling and a tall headboard, above the bed decor might not work well for you.

-          Your bed is framed by windows and you don’t want the windows to detract from your bed

-          You’ve always wanted to add that wonderful focal point in your room

Here are some great above the bed ideas to consider:

Artwork: Whether you go for sophisticated, creative, colourful or abstract, a dynamic piece of artwork will never fail to impress. Working as a focal point in your room, choosing the right piece of artwork can unify your bedroom and bring all its elements together.

Homewares: you may want to include other homewares items like dinner sets and cutlery into the design. We have partnerships with Maxwell & Williams who are the leaders in these space.

Framed Prints and Photographs: If artwork isn’t really your thing, try hanging 2 or more prints or photographs. Having more than one piece of work above your bed will have the same effect as one large piece of artwork.

Fabric Hangings: Either you can place quilts and fabrics above your bed to add softness to your room, or you can use contrasting colours to make the fabrics a focal point in your room. Depending on the type of bed covers you have, choosing a fabric should be an easy choice.

Wall coverings: this is the best way to place a focal point while also adding texture to your room. The patterns of the wall covering will bring vibrancy and add an extra dimension to your room.

Plates: Some people might find this one a little strange, but if you’re feeling brave why not add coloured plates above your wall. Choose plates that bring out your personality. You can do this by mixing and matching colours or choosing a main theme colour. The plates should accompany your doona covers for a fantastic look.

Mirrors: Either having one large mirror or simple placing an array of them will create a statement in your bedroom. You can go for one that has an interesting frame to add creative flair to your room.

Now that you have some ideas, fill up that lonesome space above your bed and turn it into a masterpiece.