Designing A Minimalist Bedroom

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Posted By: Kathryna on 23 Mar 2017

There has been a lot of hype in recent times about adopting a minimalistic bedroom design. Now, we’re not talking about becoming a pure minimalist yourself, but we must admit the minimalistic design presents its own beauty in itself. It is one we may want to incorporate into our bedroom design and décor to declutter and free our minds by modifying our surroundings.


To sum it up, we must transition to a ‘less is more’ mindset.


As minimalism captures a simple and neutral style, where plain or monochromatic colours go a long way, to incorporate this, we should appreciate the versatility of using these colours.


Walking into a bedroom, one of the first things you notice is usually the bed and the walls. A key feature of minimalistic bedrooms is the aspect of enhanced lighting. So not only do the colour of your walls stand out, but they work together with the colour of your sheetsduvet covers and everything else visible in the room’s interior.


A minimalistic bedroom design may also prove less costly as a white wall will always work perfectly for this style, which is generally the colour of walls in most households. So, no need to buy extra paint. A classic white duvet cover is the most popularly adopted in a minimalistic design and would look flawless. Keep in mind, however, other neutral colours like nudes and greys for rooms with less lighting or those who would prefer anything but white, would work just as well. The light colour palette gives off a fresh and clean vibe that instantly clears negativity. In this case, excessive amounts of patterns and bright colours would detract from the rooms minimalistic ambience.


Possibly consider opting for larger duvet covers, one size up from your usual sheet size to capture a sense of cosiness. Otherwise, try layering sheets to enhance overall comfort, warmth and relaxation. But if that’s not what you’re into, then there’s nothing wrong with sticking to more fitted sized sheets. But remember, less is more, don’t overdo it.


So, if you’re ready and going into phase one of the minimalistic bedroom design project and would like to start on bedding, take a look at our collection at Phase 2 Living. We recommend our Pintuck Quilt Cover Set.

So now that we’ve grasped the idea of less is more for bedding, we need to create space. We need to declutter. Only have things in your room that you really need. Get rid of anything you haven’t touched in months.

In order to create space, you can’t have too much furniture in your room. Consider having one or a set of matching side tables, a simple lamp, and maybe a chair, but no need for vast amounts of drawers and storage units. It’s a waste of space and defeats the purpose of decluttering. Only have the most essential pieces of furniture.


To help you decide, take a look at our post on how to choose furniture to go with your doona cover to further assist you in your quest to adopting a minimalistic bedroom design.


There’s a certain beauty that comes with minimalistic design allowing you to feel a sense of calmness and serenity in the comfort of your own bedroom, and here at Phase 2 Living is where you can capture that.