How To Buy Bedding Online For A Large Room

How To Buy Bedding Online For A Large Room product photo
Posted By: Connie on 27 Mar 2017

So we’ve already spoken about styling a small bedroom and how to make it cosier rather than cramped – but you’re someone who actually has a gloriously large bedroom. Purchasing bedding online can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to fill up the blank space in your bedroom. Nobody wants to fill up the space in his or her bedroom just for the sake of doing so. Nobody wants their room to be over filled, but they also don’t want it to be boring and empty.

What I love about large bedrooms is that you have enough space to work with. Although daunting, this can easily work to your favour. Here at Phase 2 Living, we have a few tips and ideas to turn those larger sized bedrooms into something miraculous.

Firstly, select a theme colour for your room you find visually appealing. With the colour you choose, you can use the same colour throughout your bedroom in various shades – from light to dark variations. The strength of the shades combined will help unify your bedroom space.

Next up is some cosy bedding. You can do this by layering plenty of pillows and using fluffy duvet covers and doona covers. If you have a Queen size bed or larger, invest in a bed headboard. Since you have the extra space, utilising a bed headboard with the combination of appropriate bed covers will beautify your bedroom through the addition of an extra feature that delivers a real sense of luxury and comfort.  

Make your light fixture a focal point - there are infinite lengths, patterns and designs to choose from based on your personal preference. You can then include task lighting into your bedroom wherever you need it most. It is important to ensure you have enough lighting throughout your bedroom – small light globes in large bedrooms will simply leave your bedroom feeling dark and inky, especially at night when the natural light from your room has disappeared.

If your bedroom has many windows and does bring in too much natural light – consider light blocking window treatments. If you’re planning to sleep in on the weekend then you will definitely want some curtains or blinds to keep the sun out of your eyes, and the best part is that you have enough room for it.

If you find that your walls are too plain, don’t be afraid to add larger pieces of art work. Your bedroom is large, so you have the power to add larger features. If you don’t want big, go for small. Low hanging art can help visually lower a tall ceiling. Awaken your walls with either colourful paintwork, print, decorative pieces, classical or sophisticated designs.

Add texture to your bedroom. Grass cloth wallpaper, a comfortable rug, organic fabrics and wooden furniture are examples of the type of textures you can use to fill up the space well in your bedroom.

If you feel the room is still too empty, have designated areas in your bedroom. You can have a seated area where you can read and relax before going to sleep, or have a certain dressing area in your bedroom where you can organise yourself each morning comfortably.

These are all ways you can enhance your large living space, but don’t overdo it. Not having enough can make your room dull while having too much in a large space can clutter your room – so choose bravely but wisely.

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